Thanksgiving weather did not cooperate but the Gunner found one bird we could shoot and a couple hens!

Blackie and Gunner - one hour of hunting and 3 shots

Grandkids at dog show in Warren County-July24, 2019
Reserve Champion Lucy and Bailey

Anita and Peppa took home Champion trophy-2019!

Blackie first pheasant retrieve-pup from Libby and Gunner-future stud!

Janurary, 2019


Grant and Ranson (pup from Lucky and Gunner) - had a great day hunting!

Willis on point!


Joker found a bird on Thanksgiving day but somebody missed with shooting!

Gunner on point in SD 11-16!

Gunner is tall roan male -crazy about hunting!

Mandi is our first black shorthair-we are excited to see how she does this fall!

2013- Coco retrieving!

Cocoa is a daughter of Wiley-both great dogs!

Ginger is from a german line of shorthairs and has a great pedigree for hunting!

Jill is daughter of Jim- and the mother is a daughter of Scholtens Skippy -we are very happy with pups from this line for intelligence and versatility for hunting!

Sophie is our smallest female and is hunting and pointing at one year!

Goose Hunting-2009

Skippy took top dog award in 4-H for all 4 years she competed
and she is still going strong at 10 years with hunting today-2010!

Our 4 boys after a hunt in South Dakota -2008
Lucky is the 6th gen-loves attention and wants to please anyone she meets.

Jamie is daughter of Molly and grandaughter to Skippy!

Molly below and Grant, Molly, and Grant after school hunting one day this fall!
Boys after school huntgrant and molly and friend

Training for Obedience

Awards and trophies won by our dogs plus many more ribbons not shown!