German Shorthaired Pointers

We have been raising German Shorthaired Pointers since 1989 and take pride in breeding a calm, smart, pup that has the desire to please and be good with kids but with enough natural instinct to be an excellent hunter.
German Shorthaired Pointers catch on to things very quickly as they love to learn and love attention and to explore. They are not a big dog but are very strong. The average weight for a male is 55-65 and the average weight of a female is 45-55, the average height of a male is 23- 25 inches and the female is 21-23 inches. The size makes it easy for kids to handle the adult dog and it makes it easy to take the adult dog along with you in the car or fit in at home. The German Shorthair Pointer is strong enough to work well in the field with hunting but are not too large to be cumbersome to a family for a house dog. To us they are the perfect family dog!


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Jason and Diane Scholten
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  • We are now on facebook at Pointersof TheValley feel free to share your photos and let us know how your GSP is doing-you may see your pups litter mates from time to time!