AKC German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies
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We socialize with the pups on a daily basis and give them love and attention from the day they are born. When they are born, they are born white with liver or black or solid liver, and as they get older their color changes so we try to take pictures every couple weeks so you can follow the changes. The freckles and roan color come out at about 2 weeks of age and gets more distinct as they grow. Their eyes open between 2 and 3 weeks and at first will appear a little dull and cloudy but as they grow brighten up! The color of the eyes will also change and on some pictures they will look different color due to the flash. If we can, we try to take pictures outside to eliminate the flash. We dock the tails and remove the dew claws when the pups are 2 days old to minimize stress and ensure that they heal properly (without scar). The pups are wormed every two weeks so if you get yours at eight weeks old it will be wormed 3 times. We recommend continuing this routine until they are 12 weeks old. We will vaccinate your puppy with NeoPar and NeoVac vaccine when puppy is 5 and 7 weeks old. You should give your puppy a vaccine when it is 12-weeks old . After this, 6 months and annually , unless your vet advises differently.

We can also micro chip your puppy for an extra cost of $25. - we use the AKC REUNITE micro chip. Your pup can be registered for lifetime with AKC and also will be printed on your AKC paper for permanent identification if your pet is lost or stolen. You can check out more about the pet program at www.akcreunite.org.

Our pups are $750 for males and $850 for females with limited AKC registration and for full registration it will be an additional fee of $300. We ask for $400 deposit to reserve your pup and the remainder due when you pick him/her up. We can send you a payment request through PayPal or Venmo and you can use your credit card or bank withdrawal to make payment. Please email, call or text us with any question you might have. I can send you additionally pictures if this will help you decide on a puppy! Due to the covid 19 crisis the airline will not ship cargo at this time. They will allow the pup to fly with you . You would need to fly to FSD or SUX and we would be happy to deliver the pup to you and the pup can fly under the seat on airline back home with you, Allegiant has some good prices right now! You would need to make these arrangements. The other option is shipping by ground carrier such as citizen shipper-we have had past buyers arrange for this and it worked out well for them.

Billie and Blackie pups born on February 10 will be 8 weeks on April 7-the pups below have been reserved with deposits placed.
4 boys-2 are liver and white and 2 black and white!

4 girls -2 liver and 2 black

We are taking deposits on our next litter due in spring/summer. If we do not have your choice of pup when it is your turn to pick we can refund deposit or your are welcome to wait for the next litter due-We apologize for the delay in puppies but it has been a high demand year so appreciate your patience!